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Zona: A Convenient Solution for Business Shopping NeedsIntroducing Zona, a revolutionary B2B platform developed by Digitelematica that simplifies the process of purchasing products for businesses. With just a few clicks, businesses can now conveniently order their desired products online through this user-friendly Android app.Zona offers two exceptional services to cater to different business requirements. The first service, Clicca e Ritira, allows users to effortlessly pick up their purchases from their preferred store. This feature ensures a seamless and efficient shopping experience, saving valuable time for busy professionals.For businesses located in Tuscany, Liguria, and Sardinia, Zona provides an additional service called Zona delivery. This service ensures that businesses in these regions can have their orders conveniently delivered to their doorstep, eliminating the need for time-consuming trips to physical stores.With an extensive range of over 10,000 food products, Zona caters to diverse business needs. From exclusive branded products to ethnic delicacies, organic agriculture, and gluten-free options, businesses can easily find the products they require to meet their customers' demands.Furthermore, Zona offers a wide selection of non-food items, including equipment, accessories, and tableware. Whether it's cleaning supplies or property maintenance essentials, businesses can find everything they need in one convenient platform.Using Zona is a breeze. Simply select the desired service, choose the store for pickup or provide the delivery address, select the preferred pickup or delivery time, and browse through a vast array of fresh products and favorite brands. The app also offers secure and flexible payment options to ensure a hassle-free transaction process.Zona goes above and beyond to provide businesses with a seamless shopping experience. With features like wholesale purchase options at fair prices, easy in-store pickup, exclusive offers, complete order management, favorite lists, and quick reorder functionality, Zona truly caters to the unique needs of businesses.Experience the convenience and efficiency of Zona today. Download the app and gain access to over 12,000 products available 24x7, securely and safely. Simplify your business shopping needs with Zona and enjoy a streamlined procurement process like never before.

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